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Catalog » Ten Hand Tools that Have Real Power

Ten Hand Tools that Have Real Power

News Summary:
Who says power has to come from an electric socket? Many of the most common and important tools have no power cords to speak of.
News Content:
1- The power of color is often spoken of (at least in paint ads), but the power of the paintbrush is often overlooked.
2- A claw hammer usually conjures instant images of pulling or pounding nails, but did you know you can also use it to dig in the garden?
3- If you need a little digital in your tool kit, apps like the iHandy Level will fit the bill.
4- Taking accurate measurements while working on a project is vital to a successful result.
5- Don't let the power of your sledgehammer give you a Thor complex. Use the power of this tool wisely.
6- Adjustable wrenches are workhorses -- most well-appointed tool kits will have more than one.
7- To make sure you're using the correct saw for the job, check out the teeth.
8- While flat-head and Phillips bits are the most common, there is an almost endless variety of bit types available.
9- Oh, sure, you can use your locking pliers for DIY jobs. But some people also use them as replacement car shifters.
10- There's a utility knife for every taste and grip preference.
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